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The high quality of the product is not only characterized by low acidity, but a variety of flavors, the result of absolutely optimal production processes, the cultivation of the plant to harvest, squeezing, technical prescriptions of the company Tower Grimes We worked for years. Olives, free of pests, are picked at optimum ripeness, so that then the oil has a tart flavor, if the olives are bitter, sweet and if they are too ripe. Are harvested by hand (picking), so that no damage and are crushed as soon as possible after being cleaned of leaves, washed and foreign bodies. The olive oil is the first stage of pressing, and then from the pulp of olives. Then the virgin shall undergo a series of tests to ensure the excellent organoleptic qualities. Reputation for excellence of a food is determined primarily by consumers' taste and the use of instrumental analytical methods quite reliable. If dell'extra virgin olive oil is not chemically analyze gustatory and olfactory sensation called "fruity harmonious", which is one of its valuable features. This aroma recalls the smell and taste of olive oil with freshly harvested optimum point of ripeness. Must be free not only taste of soil or mold or rancid, but also taste bitter or sour or sweet, small defects which are found in virgin quality. The delicacy of its flavor, the unmistakable bouquet due to the presence of about 150 fragrances, for its high digestibility extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate condiment that enhances alone the taste of food and ensures the perfect digestibility. It 'an indispensable ingredient not only in haute cuisine, but also in the everyday. Guaranteed by the Company Tower Grimes

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